Marietta Ohio New Food Mart Opening!

Breaking News! In downtown Marietta, a new store called Food Mart is now opening! The parking lot surrounding Food Mart is currently packed with what looks to be over a hundred ready customers! Why are they so excited about this? Well, it is because this Food Mart is run by millionaire entrepreneur Mr. Walkington and his family of generous donors towards the cause. We have Mr. Walkington here with us today, why did you open a brand new store for the public?

Well Catherine, my reasoning is simple really. I want to give the people of downtown Marietta a convenient store to come to. I grew up here among the kind and humble people who live here, and it is the least I could do to repay them for their kindness.

This action is one of heartfelt, genuine kindness indeed. With the latest in technology, shoppers can either come in and get what they need manually among an eye-appealing array of stocked goods or go online to shop and simply have their groceries bagged up by the time they arrive. As the store is about to open, we have one of the workers here with us. Tell me, how are you feeling about working on the opening day?

I have to admit, I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. But no matter how busy the store becomes, I'll do everything I am assigned to do with worker's determination!

There you have it folks, words from a determined employee with high positivity! That is all for the 12pm news, this is Catherine Lycan, signing off! For more news like this, check out our main page at SHPRS